Our major groups

Dedicated Servers group

Dedicated Servers

We run private CS7 servers

CS7 operates private Dedicated Servers (DS) for a few titles.

Wargaming.Net group


Five total clans

We have three clans in World of Tanks, one in World of Warplanes, and one in World of Warships.

Roberts Space Industries & Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries

Star Citizen

The group focuses on Transport and Security.

My.Com & Armored Warfare


Armored Warfare

This is a social group who like to play the game.

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About Us

We are a Christian clan and a Protestant ministry that was started by a Christian gamer in May of 2011. We offer a family friendly environment for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy playing their favourite online games.

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When it comes to gaming we have hundreds of active players across a number of games. The games we choose to play vary from time to time. We started in 2011 with three dedicated servers playing Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty 4. Today, we have a number of clans playing all three major Wargaming titles and a number of other major online games.

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We are a non-profit group and depend on dontations to help keep things running. See what we have going and how to contribute.

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