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Note: This server is Java, not Bedrock (Win 10/Xbox/Mobile/etc). A Bedrock server may be added in the future.


CS7's Minecraft server is a Vanilla SMP (Survival Multiplayer) run by Stellian, known in-game as Revelocience. Small but growing quickly, the server is occupied also by Stellian's guild, the Epik Gamerz Klub. If you're wanting a non-competitive survival experience with a friendly community, this is the server for you!

Run on Java Edition 1.15.2 at IP address The server uses a whitelist at present. DM stellian#8969 on Discord to be added to the whitelist.

We do most of our voice and text chat and server updates and information in the Epik Gamerz Klub Discord (https://discord.gg/WJ9sTc)


While a Vanilla server, we use several datapacks that don't substantially alter the gameplay or feel.

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

Player Head Drops

More Mob Heads

Durability Ping


Illager Fortresses

Multiplayer Sleep

Mob Health Bars

Crafting Tweaks: 4 Bark Blocks, Double Slab Crafting, Dropper to Dispenser, Renewable Coral Blocks 3x3, Rotten Flesh to Leather, Sandstone Dyeing, Craftable Notch Apples


CS7 Members are expected to abide by CS7 rules. Non-CS7 members are not expected to uphold that standard, but all members are expected to abide by the following rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone

Rule #1: No suggestive/NSFW content, period. This applies to messages/pictures, usernames, status messages, voice, and in-game. Sending NSFW images, video, or text, in server, in game, or in DMs, or sexually explicit speech in the voice channels, will result in an immediate ban.

Rule #2: No swearing. Applies to messages, voice, and in-game. Includes minor swear words. If a swear is sent in a message, the message will be deleted and a warning given. Three infractions in one hour will result in a mute.

Rule #3: No racism, sexism, or the like. Includes any jokes or comments offensive to any religion, even if you disagree with it. If you wish to discuss differences in religion, please do so civilly. Blasphemous usernames are not allowed. Applies to messages, voice, and in-game. Could lead to a mute or a kick, and in extreme cases a ban.

Rule #4: Don't be a bully. Trolling and pranks are one thing, griefing someone's base is another. Don't do anything destructive or harmful, resulting in death or any considerable damage to a member or any creations of theirs without asking permission. Consequence will be determined on a case-by-case basis

Rule #5: No hacking or exploiting overpowered bugs. Minecraft afk fish farms or iron farms are okay, using duplication glitches is considered cheating.

Rule #6: Try to resolve issues privately, then contact a moderator. If you have a complaint regarding another member in-game, try to resolve the issue privately. If that doesn't work or it's a situation you don't know how to handle, privately contact somebody with the MC Admin role. If you have a complaint regarding a member in the Discord, again, try to resolve it yourself and privately contact Stellian or JJX2 if they won't listen.

Rule #7: Follow Discord's Terms of Service. https://discordapp.com/terms