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World of tanks is a game that has been around for 10 years developed and run by Wargaming. CS7 has had a clan involved in Tanks for much of its history. The game is one of the main contributors to CS7's long lasting history over the last 6 years. CS7 has one active clan with a couple back ups. CS7 Alpha & Omega is commanded by Jipner16 who is writing this article. His vision for AO has always been Christian community over competition giving it stability. Many people have joined and stayed for a long time because the motto is always that real life always comes first. We have dabbled in tier 6,8, and 10 Strongholds competitively with a growing proficiency at the higher levels with a more active membership. We only ever did tier 6 Clan Wars when the opportunity was still available. The only entry requirements are that you have a tier 5 and have a goal to participate in the community. If you want camaraderie, fellowship, competition, ministry opportunities, or to be a servant? We would love to have you in the clan. We mainly use discord to communicate, so you can reach the clan leadership there or in game. Feel free to message Jipner16, Bazooka2003, or JJ2X .

Strongholds Base[edit]


Base Level VII