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The CS7 Warships group is semi-competitive and plays regular Clan Battles.


New members must have at least:

  • 500 Battles
  • 1 Tier 8 boat
  • Headset for use on Discord



  • BigDog

Deputy Commanders:

  • PreacherDaveB
  • Capt Kirk
  • Cobalt
  • IFCN_Snyder



  1. All CS7-WoWs members must apply through the CS7 clan website by completing and submitting the standard CS7 membership form. The applicant must have played 500+ games to be admitted. While this form is being considered, the player may visit the Discord site as a friend and get acquainted with CS7 members.
  2. CS7-WoWs leadership will review all applications within 3 days, and if approved they will issue an in-game invitation to the player and publicly welcome him. If there is any concern about the application, a clan commander will speak with the player directly. *(NEW, 2-a): In order to help one another and improve our game play (e.g., you are a bad CV player and you want to find a good CV player to help you), all WOWS clan members must keep their statistics UNHIDDEN. Penalty: After 2 warnings the member will be dropped from CS7 WoWs for 7 days (not from the CS7 clan). Galatians 6:4, says, "But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another." (NASB)
  3. All CS7-WoWs members must abide by the CS7 membership standards, and the policies of CS7-WoWs. Violators will be treated as outlined below.
    1. All CS7 members must make use of Discord using a headset that can be mutable as needed - for the joy of all.
    2. [NEW 3-30-20]: If a CS7 sailor is playing WoWs, solo or in a group, he MUST also be in a CS7 WoWs Discord channel. The reason is to promote clan fellowship and unity via Clan Divisions, private messaging, or just plain talking. Exceptions: If you are in-game and unable to be discord with CS7 for some reason, POST your situation in the WoWs game chat window. Penalty: After 2 warnings the member will be dropped from CS7 WoWs for 7 days (not from the CS7 clan). NOTE the following useful Discord channels: "Warships Lobby" = Open to the public meet and talk; "Ships Lobby" = Clan only area to meet and talk; "Looking for Division" = Looking for a division. The "Solo Grinding room" = Person is still accessible via private messaging only, to be used sparingly, for those tired of wearing their headphones, just need a little alone time, or time is not right to division up.
  4. RANK: All new members start with the in-game rank of “Line Officer.” The Commander will designate "Recruiters" to help organize divisions for the clan. Note on “Recruiter” status: The primary privilege of Recruiter rank is the ability to form WoWs divisions in-game. All members are encouraged to seek out new members, and direct them to our website application. However, those with in-game “Recruiter” status may NOT use a WoWs direct invitation to bring a player into the clan apart from the above procedure. Further, Recruiters are not to set date/time for cross-server Clan Battles; only the Commander or Deputy Commanders should.
  5. INACTIVITY. CS7-WoWs members who do not sail during a FORTY days period MAY be dropped from the in-game clan status by a Commander; they remain in CS7 (in general). Efforts will be made to talk to the member as the deadline approaches. A player who has been dropped in-game is eligible for quick reinstatement to CS7-WoWs by requesting such from the Commander.
  6. POLICY VIOLATORS. In addition to the behavioral standards of the clan at large, violations of CS7-WoWs policies will be addressed by CS7-WoWs Commanders.
    1. While rare, the most blatant in-game or Discord transgressions of behavioral standards may result in an immediate ban from CS7-WoWs by a Commander.
    2. All perceived behavioral violations — bad language, attitudes, etc. — should first be addressed by the brothers at hand (following New Testament precepts). Care should be taken to be gracious one with another, and seek reconciliation.
    3. Unresolved violations will be addressed by a Commander, who will gather appropriate information, and may hold a meeting with those involved.
    4. Punishment for violators will be determined by Commanders, and may include temporary suspension of CS7-WoWs membership (eg, 7-days, 30-days), or termination of CS7-WoWs membership.
    5. Terminated players may not reapply for CS7-WoWs membership for 90 days.

Clan Wars[edit]

To be eligible to play in Clan Battles:

  • You must have Tier 8 tech-tree Ship(s) with 14-point Captain(s). Premium ships do not count.
  • You must have a working means of clear communication in Discord; Headset with mic is required for CLAN BATTLES - no exceptions. (No echo, excessive background noise, or cutting in and out)
  • If using a rental ship, you must be able to fully equip it with modules, premium consumables and other options as would be needed to make it competitive.
  • Anyone waiting to go into CB in any channel needs to have their ships prepped and ready.

Playing Clan Battles:

  • (If persons are in Clan Battle Waiting Room) Rotate In/Out of Clan Battles every two battles -Rotating out applies to ALL. If you are in the CB Waiting Room please be ready to play when called upon.
  • NOTE: If you are playing while in the CB Waiting Room you will NOT be called upon again to join Clan Battles that session.
  • The person who begins the Clan Battle and forms the team will be responsible to see that rotating in and out is complied with. This may or may not be the caller, but can include the caller.
  • When the Team is handed over to someone different from the one who began the Team this responsibility falls to them. (Please let them know you are handing the Team over to them)
  • If you are winning playing Alpha team keep playing Alpha Team if the wining begins to fail then please switch to Bravo Team – We want Alpha Team to be the one we push toward the top if we can.
  • Clan Battles are TEAM centered and thus playing as a Team is necessary. Please follow the directions of the Caller. If not, you may be asked to leave the Team.

General Guidelines for Clan Battles:

  • First and foremost, this is a game! Fun and fellowship are the main reasons we play. If these two happen winning or losing are alright. (We feel everyone will experience more winning if it stays fun and enjoyed.)
  • There will be no putting down of Team members, rude behavior toward other Clan members, and no rude criticism of one another. If this happens, first time one session off, second time the rest of the season off from Clan Battles.
  • If a player is playing badly or if there is some kind of conflict and you feel you need to discuss this with them then take a break, ask them to join you and go into a separate chat with just the two of you and in a Christian manner discuss it.
  • If you are asked to do this don’t make an issue of it and go with them and be open and listen. Do not get defensive straight away, but wait and listen.

Please remember we are Brothers in Christ first and foremost!

Naval Base[edit]