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Strongholds Base

Command Center

Level VI

Artillery Strike

Level VI


Level IV

VI Command Center VI Artillery Battalion IV Attack Bomber Squadron

Battle Payments

Level V

Military Maneuvers

Level V

Tactical Training

Level V

V Financial Unit V Military School V Tankodrome

Additional Briefing

Level V

High Capacity Transport

Level IV


Level I

V Training Unit IV Transportation Unit I Trophy Brigade

World of Tanks


[CS7] Christian Soldiers, 7th Division

CS7 Command

  • Game Commander: Jipner16
  • Clan Representative: Weetcha7

In-Game Command

  • Commander: Jipner16
  • Executive Officer: Five_Solae
  • Executive Officer: Runfox
  • Executive Officer: gregbacon72
  • Executive Officer: Weetcha7
  • Executive Officer: setemupseth
  • Personnel Officer: 4thcompany
  • Combat Officer: Mr_Mean13
  • Combat Officer: IceMan455
  • Quartermaster: badmommajam
  • Junior Officer: Engine32
  • Junior Officer: Slingshot777
  • Junior Officer: vbluguitar

Admission Requirements

  • Recommendation of a current member

Clan Description

Live for Him. Support each other. CS7~Alpha Omega is active in Stongholds. Discord is a must. We have a very active forum community and weekly check ins are a must. CS7-AO provides a family friendly environment for its members.

Clan Rules

  1. Be polite and respectful of clan members and other players.


  • All CS7-WoT members must apply through the CS7 clan website by completing and submitting the standard CS7 membership form.
  • Check online at least once a week to keep up with the latest news.
  • To participate in Strongholds you must have at least a tier 5 tank and use Discord.

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