CS7 was founded by Christians for Christians.

What started as a couple dedicated servers for Minecraft and Call of Duty eventually turned into hundreds of members playing all sorts of different games: builders, sims, FPS, all sorts. We have game groups in many different titles, see the following list. Please note: the FPS selection includes those games in which you play solely in a vehicle, and also which you may be able to play in third person view.

We feature three types of games:
Core games (image)Games which we play on PC's (which can include Mac & Linux boxes) and usually feature AAA titles.
Mobile games (image)Games which are playable on mobile devices and in web browsers. These tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere.
Dedicated Server games (image)Games which we host on our own servers. These games tend to have a persistent state to them in which players can continually enjoy.

Join Us!

Join one of our groups!

Do you see a group here you'd like to join? Check out the groups page and see what they're about. Each game group which belongs to Christian Soldiers, 7th Division runs semi-autonomously – they set their own admission requirements, rules, and operating guidelines. For example, our World of Warships clan is focused on Clan Battles; our Star Citizen organization is a casual group focusing (in-game) on transport and security. The larger CS7 Ministry provides global web resources for all our players and advertising for our groups.

Want to create a new group?

Is there a game which you play that you don't see here, and you're interested in starting a game group or transferring in to a Christian environment? This is all possible! Join our Discord server and reach out to a member of our Council.